VEROMAR was founded in 2002 with the aim of adding dimension to the natural stone sector. The company is in a completely different category than the rest of the stone industry in all areas.
- It is a company that specializes in two product categories: tiles and mosaics. 
- It is a leader among exceptional firms providing products and customer service of top quality.
- It is the first company in the world that has cut the stone in 4 mm thickness. This product has been developed as a self-stick collection during the years. Thanks to this technology, the end-users can make their own installation very easily and this can help them to save from workmanship costs and time.
- It is a company that is protecting the earth’s natural resources and ensuring the sustainability of the life circle are among the most essential of our values. Based on this idea, VEROMAR created Engineered Stone line which is comprised of stone dust.
- The company's motto is “Created by Nature” and every steps are taken for nature. It takes its own energy from nature and turns it into the human dreams with high-end products.


- It is a company that has created pixel art products. All your dreams can be printed out on all kinds of natural stone or porcelain.
- It is a company that is able to produce natural stones with various finishing applications and offers them to the taste of its customers.
- It is a company that offers many design materials including water jet products and technical support through its architectural services.
- It is a company that combines its design with the color of the natural stone in accordance with the expectations of customers. VEROMAR has been serving high-end sector since many years with its Luxury/Glamour lines.
- In line with our customers demands, we have started to apply our unique designs on full-body porcelain mosaics.
- We constantly design and develop new and distinctive products. Our desire for excellence manifests itself at all levels. 
- The most important feature that VEROMAR invested in all these years is, its non-stop research and development works.

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"Premium segment collection of marble and other natural stone products with various innovative designs"

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